Stages of Grief

It's hard to believe that it's true, that fear and hatred and intolerance have won out over progress and peace and tolerance. I know it's difficult for many of us to live in this country right now, especially those of us who reside in 'red states'. I really do feel that part of all of us has died. We started this country on such high hopes and great ideals. Since then, the minority has always pushed for the evolution of our society, while the frightened and self-righteous majority stubbornly clings to their security blanket of faith without evidence.

Even among friends, there are some who voted for fear. I asked one of my friends recently who she voted for. She said Bush. I asked her why. She said, "Because of terrorists, I guess. They're some scary people." I just nodded my head sadly at that point. No use using logic to dispell the illogic of voting for a warmonger who creates terror because one is afraid of terrorists. What could I possibly say to her and all the others who, despite the facts of botched policies in Iraq, degraded civil rights and individual freedoms and the evidence of deception to fool us into thinking those actions were right or different, still support this administration? Sadly, we can not use logic and evidence to convince those who said yes to four more years of repression, war, deficits and lies.

Even so, I am proud of those who stand strongly in the Reality-Based Community. We know it's always an uphill battle to bring real change and progress to the world. There will always be those who back the Hitlers and the Mussolinis and the Milosevics and the Saddams and the Sharons and the Bushs. Unfortunately, those people who stand alone in their dissent of any of those 'leaders' are repressed, portrayed as insurgents or radicals or heretics. Thankfully, those societies that support murderous regimes come to grips with reality at some point. Unfortunately, it takes a horrible fall for the country in order for that to happen. Is that our fate? Do peacemakers now have to pray for catastrophy in this country so that the blind will see? I pray they begin to see without that happening, but what else will open their eyes? So far, nothing sways those who refuse to look. Thank goodness for those who were once supporters and then began to see the light. Especially those who worked within the system and now find themselves outside of it, by choice or not, because they dared to cry foul.

Sorry Everybody is a site for all those who would like to apologize to the world and let them know that almost half of us (or more, depending on whether you believe the election results are real) see reality and know the truth. Click on 'gallery' to see the pictures and submit one of your own if you are so inclined. I sure can empathize with the man who shot himself at Ground Zero over the election results, but for the sake of my world and my country and my family, I will never ever give up. I hope all of you are well, and that you are not giving up either. We need all the logic and love and tolerance right now that we can get.



I came to this blog because I read it was an independent voice. Unfortunately that was wrong. I've personally been racked with a lot of fear and grief at this election, but I think you're perpetuating this mediocre administration with your carte blanche and improperly characterizing comments.

"There will always be those who back the Hitlers and the Mussolinis and the Milosevics and the Saddams and the Sharons and the Bushs."

This is the exact reason why Kerry lost (and, I might add, why we have no viable alternative candidates). The more you try to characterize Bush as "bad", the more you hurt him, yourself, your candidate and your country. Instead, you should be looking to pose alternative leaders and show why they a better. We want to give hope, strive to be better than we are, not simply fear becoming worse. The democrats thought that Bush was such a screw up they could put any stuffed shirt there to take the presidency. They may think the unwashed masses aren't very bright, but they are wrong. People, liberal, conservative or independent, can see a fraud, and when it becomes a choice between frauds, you go with the fraud you know, not the unpredictable charlatan.

To actually compare Bush to Hitler is gross libel and debases the real evil that was Hitler. Bush did not get to office on the backs of street-brawling roughnecks. He did not purge all those who opposed him in the past through a carefully orchestrated series of murders over the course of a single night. He did not burn the Chambers of Congress and disband them and replace their constituents with sycophants. And even if you sought to argue that Patriot Act is a racist doctrine and a current reinterpretation of the Nuremberg Laws, you would be suggesting that Kerry and the vast majority of other Senators and Congressmen who supported it are just as guilty as one of the most insidious, megalomaniacal dictators in history.

We really need an alternative to this administration, but not through baseless attacks. I denounce you, and all extremism in any form. To quote Jon Stewart "You are hurting America." We need bloggists to help facilitate civil discourse, not partisan hackery through overstated claims and unfounded accusations.
It seemed like in the 90s, we thought we were past all this conservative garbage. Apparently not.

Don't despair, tho. It will swing back.
Do I compare Bush to Hitler? Not completely. I, did, however put him in the same group as the other leaders I mention who are warmongers, above all else. Yes, and I think I said murderous regimes. I would characterize the invasion of another nation which did not threaten us as murderous. Must we wait until all Iraqis are eradicated before we call it what it is? I would not characterize this as a baseless attack.

Good and evil are not terms I generally use, because they assume that there are no shades of gray. It's either the evil black or the good white. Would you characterize the Bush administration's actions as good, since you do not see them as evil?

I am not a Democrat. I did not choose John Kerry in the primaries. However, choosing between a man who had the courage to speak out about the outrage that was Vietnam after seeing the reality of it and a man who chose to invade other countries without benefit of ever seeing the reality of combat was a no-brainer. Did I think John Kerry a fraud? No. What I did see was a man trying to appeal to both sides, and having a difficult time making his position clear. Any candidate that challenges an incumbent president would have similar difficulties. Especially when the incumbent has a large and rowdy smear machine behind him, and has led a campaign of fear.

The 'unwashed masses' as you so charmingly call those who voted for Bush were by-and-large the ones who were afraid. This also characterizes the reign of men like Hitler and Milosevic and Sharon. They controll(ed) by fear. Much easier to keep those masses in line by presenting them with a threat, real or imagined.

What Jon Stewart was referring to with the line you quoted were journalists who pretend to give us tough, hard-hitting news and compel us to think rather than put on farcical debates without substance. I'm not a journalist. These are my thoughts and my ideas. I share them because, unlike you, there are thousands of us who cry at the murder of not only Iraqis, but American soldiers being committed for a lie everyday.

I think John Kerry, and some of the other Senators who voted to allow the Bush administration to invade Iraq were fooled, much like we were, and when they saw the flagrant misuse of power that happened immediately afterwards, regreted in their souls their decision to back it. I could be wrong. Perhaps they were only doing what they thought their constituancy wanted. Either way, there were many, and are many, even among Bush's own cabinet members, who realized what a terrible mistake it had been to trust that what they were doing was for any good at all.

Denounce me if you will, Mr. Martini. It is not my job to make you happy. Oh, and would I charcterize this administration as mediocre? No, I think they have done an outstanding job of making a majority of Americans believe that we need them to win over 'evil' in the world. I find that sad and shocking. Especially since it seems even you have been fooled by their smear campaigns.
We should continue to forward the ideals of freedom regardless of what shark is biting our leg off. Phil - Add Traffic
I have to agree with Mr. Martini that this is not an "independent" blog and to say so is false advertising.

I also don't agree with any of your views, but you're well within your rights to believe whatever you do.

And if it is so difficult to live in this country right now, perhaps you should leave and come back when a democratic president is in the office. Or perhaps you could imagine what it was like to live in Saddam Hussein's Iraq..I'm sure that would have been so much fun.
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Independants dont vote by party line, they vote for either party based on whats going on in current events. I am an independant, and I too swung to the democrats in this time of fundamentalist fear based propoganda.

I dont see anything here that is in violation of independant thought.

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I don't think it's difficult to live in the U.S.
scout, you seem to me to have a clear view of america today. but maybe you don't understand it's history.

it's not a that dubya and his henchpersons are so notably evil. it's just that modern communication and widespread education have gotten them more attention than america had to endure while murdering native americans, mexicans, phillipinos, vietnamese,laotians, khmers, and various central americans.

now the middle east is being 'democratized' in the usual way.

being horrified would be a reasonable response, but maybe you'd consider doing something to actually change the nature of american politics: stop in to mike gravel's initiative for democracy.

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